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On Saturday, April 26th, Microsoft issued a security advisory outlining the first significant security flaw since support for Windows XP ended earlier this month: a remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

So how can you keep your computers and sensitive business data safe?


1. Avoid using Internet Explorer for day-to-day web surfing until the issue is resolved (popular alternative browsers include Chrome and Safari).

2. If your business uses custom applications that require Internet Explorer, avoid visiting any public sites with the browser.

3. DO NOT click on ANY embedded links in email messages or on public web pages unless you know the sender or source.

4. DO NOT browse the Internet from PCs that access confidential data like credit card information, protected health information, or personally identifiable information.

5. Call your trusted IT provider BEFORE clicking on anything that appears suspicious.

Still using Windows XP? You?re risk level runs even higher. Once Microsoft does fix this flaw, it WILL NOT apply to XP systems. Many security experts believe this is only the first of many attacks that will look to exploit Microsoft?s cessation of support for the outdated operating systems.

Have questions about this new Internet Explorer vulnerability? Unsure whether you can still use the browser to access your custom business applications? Call us today. We take the security of your systems and your data seriously ? and as a Microsoft Partner, we have the expertise and access to services that can provide true protection from threats such as this one.