An Post Spam

I’ve seen a couple of people post that they’ve had Spam from the TV Licence unit at An Post into their inbox today. Sure enough, sitting in my Junk Mail folder is the same one! When you look at the links, it’s pretty clear that something is not right about it. Delete Delete Delete!

Secure FTP Access

Sometimes, you need a secure way to access the backend of your Azure website, like this very one here 247Tech HQ. So SFTP is the way to go, instructions look easy enough. SFTP Access to your site

Bye-Bye Patch Tuesday

So long, goodbye Patch Tuesday. Since 2003, we have had the monthly patch cycle that was Patch Tuesday. Microsoft released it’s software patches for all it’s operating systems and we rolled those out to our clients. No more! Say hello to Windows Update for Business – Microsoft are moving to a continual release method…

License audit emails from Microsoft

One of the biggest IT expenses for many small businesses is software. Some companies require thousands of dollars of software, which can quickly compound when you hire new employees. Businesses who have purchased Microsoft software may soon be receiving a letter from the tech giant asking for a systems audit. Here is a quick overview…